Simplicity- Phase II

Starting the new year I ended 2016 with a extended new years eve fast period. For my final day in the Detox & Cleanse week I went what turned out to be 36 hours with nothing more than:

-A couple of cups of Organic single origin coffee

-Purified water ( although not anywhere near the efficacy I intend to utilize and dig into in upcoming monthly fasting periods which will of course be listed in upcoming posts, on upcoming podcasts and radio appearances)

-Supplements – as listed in the earlier posting which puts forth the framework of my Simplicity program

My January 1 was a determined day in which I trained with what (for now lol) appears to be a program mixing the “best of” for me and my goals at this juncture of my personal and professional life.

I allowed myself within the Ketogenic framework to each more traditionally

-Post training- Scrambled free range eggs & Cheddar , Bacon, coffee

-Late afternoon Dinner- Bratwurst with kraut, mustard and steamed veggies, 2 glasses Shiraz

-Dessert- Whey chocolate protein whipped into a “pudding” and swirled with 2tablespoons natural PB

After this , back to the program, no stress,

Starting Phase II:

My maintenace ( a word I don’t find particularly inspirational)

Intermittent Keto on a 18 Hours Fasting/ 6 Hours open eating begins today

-Select the same eating “window” everyday

-Make as much structured as possible and float within that area

My eating window will be 3PM -9PM daily

My Fasting window will be 9PM-3PM daily

BOOM!  Thats the frame….

As far a supplementation I will use?

I belive in always supporting organ function so I utilize a couple of products daily

  1. Hepatic factors- comprehensive Liver support. Yes, Milk thistle in clinical potency but also a full array supportive nutrients such as Dandelion root, Methionine to mention a couple.
  2. RZyme- advanced proteolytic enzyme formula. Honestly this product never is absent from my “core” regimen. The benefits range from exercise recovery in a big way to aiding in robust vitality and even detoxification.Take a moment to learn more and you will be amazed at the widespread application of these powerhouse enzymes.
  3. Mineral X- minerals tend to not be the sexiest product category however the Myotropic formulation is special, it combines the highly absorbable macro and trace minerals and even incorporates “Concertrace” trace mineral complex..a must for me as I am a firm believer in the greater need for quality mineral uptake through supplementation than vitamin.
  4. Thyrokinetix- I cannot state more how important proper healthy Thyroid function is to achieving the vitality I seek! I love that the education in the subject is now finally hitting mainstream…I only worry as most highly advertised formulas take a very High Potency- drug like approach that experts actually found to compound the issues in many subjects. Thyrokinetix is safe, thats KEY and effective though nourishing the gland. I cannot say more how important the Thyroid gland is..
  5. D3/K2- I enjoy seeing the medical community validation of the powerful combination  being a synergistic powerhouse..I take two sublingual lozenges 2x daily

With all of these highly efficacious formulations please always , always consult your chosen practitioner to be certain that they are safe for you to incorporate into your arsenal!

Other things I am currently “field testing”

  1. Moxie- a all natural pre workout from two great gentlemen in the Texas area doing it right with No Shortcuts


The ingredients are dead on! and the potencies are real ( The fellas are doing some extensive taste improvements as I write this so IF it being a tad on the harsh side won’t work just wait a bit 🙂 )

2. WHEY+ – , This brand is a Italian Dream coming soon to very limited US partners in 2017 Finally. I have my ways to get my stash currently though :-). The quality, unrivaled, the flavors? OMG #Gustoitaliano   I don’t usually use protein, BUT when I do its as pudding and only 4+ Nutrition

#GustoItaliano America!!

remember – ALL, ANY question- ask here, or on Social feeds….and YES, My training program is Next!


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