My resolution 

habitualof the nature of a habit; fixed by or resulting from habit


Time for New Year’s resolutions

A clean slate with the best of intentions

Unfortunately most go  unaccomplished

As I enter #2017 I look at the upcoming year why dies, trembling hands, adrenaline surging and more focused than ever.

What I plan to take with me as my arbitrage in the upcoming year?

Audacity to be bold it to take risks

Self-awareness to Best leverage what I’m really good at and not worry about judgment for the stuff I’m not good at whatsoever.

Focus to keep my eyes on what matters and not give into the frequent distractions

Execution, the absolute force of nature temperament to execute any and everything that is worth my time and energy, if I spend time we’ll wing it annoying when he will get launched, it may succeed or it may fail, but it will ship in 2017!

Flow state, once I get into the zone have the tenacity stay in, to outwork, to grind, to hustle, to do every fucking thing, To leave no stone unturned, to put myself out there because it matters

Be habitual, I cannot stress this enough, your habits or who the hell you’re going to be. Thinking about shit doing shit that is not productive kilos success. It doesn’t hurt it, it fucking kills it. So go ahead watch porn, go gamble, go out drinking for happy hour, spend your days in debauchery, I’m going to be here grinding, thinking, focusing, focusing more, and getting it done. At the end of the day, when all was said and done you with some of your habits and the execution of good ones.
And when I won’t waste my time or in 2017? Here’s the list

Meekness, i’m gonna live once and making myself more self-aware who the hell has time for meekness? That shoots for babies who want to be treated special not for high performers.

Scattered, they focused on the prize stop entertaining worthless chatter time is money

Complexity, it comes down to focus deeply with things that matter the discord what doesn’t

I wish you all the best of health of happiness and success in 2017. I will be here for the dirty with you all. It’s a fascinating thing that we look back on a year and see all the places we could’ve done better, should’ve done better, could’ve been more, could’ve mattered more and cared more

Let’s not make the mistakes of the past in the present and let’s definitely not carry those mistakes in the future. God bless you all let’s tear 2017 a New one and get it done!






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