Rebooting the Human 2.0

“Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.”
– Hippocrates

As I personally embark on my quest to attain my best fitness and condition in 2017 I will layer in my plans, iterations, challenges and successes here in the T2 Experiment as well as in my podcast appearances and social media efforts.

I start with a “where to begin” a start here.

“Fasting has the potential to delay aging and help prevent and treat diseases while minimizing the side effects caused by chronic dietary interventions.” USC’s Valter Longo

Step one set your overall goal(s)- whatever they might be.

  1. Enhanced Vitality
  2. Boosted Immune function
  3. Increased fitness
  4. increased muscularity

For my goals, as a former competitive physique athlete as well as soccer athlete at 45 years the goal for me is robust vitality, immune function coupled with a rugged, functional fit physique.

From a diet & nutrition standpoint I have dealt with a candida issue as of recent due to lax consumption of sugars and carbohydrates even though I eat “clean and organic” SUGAR elicits the same response – natural or not.

My start point is a good old 2 day Fast period. This will be my immune system “reset”.

**Please always make certain with your own health practitioner that Fasting is safe for you.

Once you have the OK here is my recommendations:

Start with H2O- remember Water IS food and even more so when depriving yourself of foods for this two day window. The higher quality filtration processes are ok however soon to be frontline news will be Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW)

  • I will be utilizing DDW soon in my own water fasting which will be a monthly component of my regimen

Next will be the supplement protocol ( below are the products I have incorporated)

  1. Multi Vitamin– I prefer a higher potency multi Vitamin ( not mineral) taken in the early am
  2. D3/K2– I have helped develop a sublingual combination which is available through ( I take 2 sublingual lozenges /2 times daily)
  3. Proteolytic Enzymes– Proteolytic enzymes circulate throughout the body, supporting tissues and organs by digesting proteins left over from healing processes, such as immune system action. produces RZyme,which is  10X pancreatin, is the highest enteric coated pancreatic enzyme product on the market. I take 3 tablets during Fast/ 3 times daily
  4. Comprehensive Mineral complex– Minerals act as the major transmission junctions and switches for the electrical message impulses that flow from the brain to the muscles. These impulses use the nervous system as the transmission lines. The nervous system, like a “telephone” line, carries messages to and from the brain. The minerals are the switches that allow the electric impulses to flow without disruption or disturbance.Minerals are engaged in almost every physical reaction in the body. You could not breathe, eat or drink without the aid of minerals. Minerals are absolutely essential for health. I use Myotropic Innovations Mineral X ( 4 tablets each evening)
  5. Organ Detox and cleanse– The body has countless detoxification and cleansing functions that it is performing constantly. These detoxification and cleansing systems are like every other body system in that they need nutrients to function.-the bloodstream must be able to render toxins harmless to itself and the rest of the body
    -the liver has hundreds of jobs to do; toxin processing is a major one
    -the intestinal tract is one of the major elimination channels – toxins from the bloodstream and liver end up being eliminated in the feces, hooked onto substances such as bile or fibers then eliminated quickly from the the body
    -fat cells release toxins stored in them and these toxins are also eliminated by way of the large intestine.
  6. Clinical Probiotic Complex- Its about human strains and DDS1 is the strain with major clinical research to support its application. UP4 Probiotics Adult Formula

This is the protocol for the 2 day Fasting period. I plan to repeat this monthly. Recent research has validated the benefit of short water fasting periods monthly.

Phase 2 – maintenance will be in the form of intermittent Fasting on a 20/4 ( 20 hours Fasting, 4 hours eating – unlimited eating  so long as its zero Carbohydrate. Fats should also be 3:1 to protein )

Supplements will be as listed above without TRU-7 Detox & Cleanse ( This is a comprehensive Organ and blood detox/cleanse kit) I do use TRU-7 monthly during the week of my Fast.

In the Intermittent Fasting period food selection is a matter of preference however I will include only Organic, Grassfed beef, lamb, game and wild caught Fish. Whole eggs and limitless greens.

In upcoming posts I will outline my exact dietary selection.

I am currently in day 2 of my water Fast period. I am following the protocol listed above and my training is also to follow in a upcoming post.

A sneak preview is that I am creating a Hybrid, simplicity approach to training that incorporates weighted resistance training with bodyweight / functional training.

Stay Tuned and Please join into the discussion. This is after all a place for engagement and learning 🙂









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