Hung up on “WHY”

We’ve all seen the Ted talk

We’ve all been inspired by Simon Sinek

We’ve looked internally to find our reason for being, or internal narrative, our company our personal brand our identities WHY…

Madison Avenue has done the same hasn’t it?

Didn’t they need to for what was mass marketing to survive? They didn’t go away after all, did they?

I’d venture to say the manipulators just became visually a little more touchy-feely and a little more polished in their bullshit.

So the question become’s what to do if you are like me passion driven, integrity driven, Innovation driven and have a really great reason for being a.k.a. a true WHY.  

Maybe the security behind the Y is actually the integrity of the Innovation?

Maybe the security behind the Y is actually the people responsible for making it happen?

We need more than just a WHY

They figured it out so we need more ,we need the special handshake

The shortcut, ironically is giving a damn, being generous, being empathetic, for the long-haul because none of this and none of them are overnight successes






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