What is it for?

What is it for?

I asked myself this very question

What am I trying to accomplish in my work?

Am I using the available platforms or am I allowing the platforms to use me?

This sent my my reeling…thinking…really opening up…

What sparked this line of self reflection?

honestly it was a simple comment under a short video clip I recently posted

It was not posted with a self serving intent…however it somehow pivots that way

Posting images, training, personal assets….being on the feeds nonstop

Is that the work I need to be doing…..It is NOT

we have enough, too much already and its a race to the bottom

Thats not something inspiring, thats not something valuable

thats not the work I need to do

The #work I need to do, the work that needs to be done is faceless, selfless

What is it exactly? Im not totally certain

So what I have decided IS

  1. Post a honest blog per day…no video, no pictures, just honest content
  2. Read and generously comment on 10 blogs daily…Seths, Dereks plus some everyday folks who are “people like me”
  3. Utilize the Feeds however allow the others to be the online celebs….focus my efforts behind the scenes generously on doing work that matters

I am not saying NO absolutely to images, occasional posts utilizing image assets

I am saying that that is not my work

Social media validation is a ego stroke, its a security play, its a place to hide…the resistance at work

Do the work so “They will miss me if I am gone” IF “I didn’t show up”

Thats the work I want to focus on

the rest is really the new MASS isn’t it??

You can only hide there so long

Please tell me what you think…and thank you for stopping by!








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