There is no (ONE) right way…Only YOUR RIGHT WAY

Often times in todays “Hyper-Connection” age it is easy to allow ourself to Chase success

Chase attention

Chase likes

Chase Fame…but what is the fame, likes and attention for? Is that your Utopia?

If it is, Rock on But I honestly feel sorry for you …

I recently have immersed myself following and studying some of the online communities most prolific people.

and guess what? I HATE IT…I HATE WHAT THEY ARE DOING….Its fine I guess for them BUT really it isn’t

Its not building community

Its not building real relationships

Its not caring more because people matter

Nope…Its Hyper active, Arrogant, obnoxious, manipulation

Its a masterclass on vanity and shallowness of the Mass

Its a Masterclass on what I LOVE the remarkable, Weird, niche, and small

I have learned some basic rules I plan to utilize in my development

  1. Show up everyday
  2. Provide something of Value ( which ironically is something he doesn’t preach himself)lol
  3. Be Generous to your community – however telling them that the reason you are generous is only because you believe you are better than all of them …hmmm
  4. Ideas need Execution…Very True, we always need to lean into tension and start

So after all of about two weeks I have unsubscribed, and looked inward to see my Utopia

What Utopia looks like to ME

  1. Being VERY special, important, meaningful to my specific Tribe
  2. Embracing the Engagement that only comes genuinely and generously with a Less is more mentality
  3. Always striving to be “Worlds Best” no matter what the “worlds” actual scope
  4. Small and very involved team…

For me Financial success is absolutely the Prize but with the success is the real prize for me – Freedom…

Freedom not to posses more stuff

Freedom to experience more..Travel, Experiences, helping others achieve more through my story too.

I would love to spend a summers in Italy with my family, writing which is something of a goal I guess, to become a good writer and create something for my daughter..

I have difficulty setting goals because I am horrible with setting a material vision…I don’t want a lot of stuff. Stuff traps you. I want Freedom.

So thats my story…Thank you so much Derek Sivers, Seth Godin and Tim Ferriss- You all add so much value to the world in such a generous manner. You all also validate that we do not need be hyper connected, and thats inspiration. img_0289

So tell me – Whats is your utopia?






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