Value Proposition…finding mine

val·ue prop·o·si·tion
(in marketing) an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.

its a Saturday night, well actually we are into Sunday morning now. I am sipping some strong black coffee and trying to string the days thoughts into a piece of art. Something I pray provides the spark for dialogue.

For me this quest has me standing at crossroads.

For me, Its about the Anomaly I wish to become;

For me the quest is to re engineer T2 based of what inspires me;

1.Seth Godin- For a Growth Mindset, a Start and iterate mentality and understanding that it is always about doing the work.

2. Derek Sivers- #care #Give because Derek makes it clear in everything he does that its about your Tribe, “who your work is for” and everything we do should first and most importantly revolve around being Really Really important to them.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk- Gary is a total High Energy marketing, Social branding Icon. He is passionate and in your face which endears me to him. His 24/7 Outwork everyone approach of delivering Depth is very appealing to me. I honestly took Garys #Udemy course and #Boom! I totally am IN!  Not everything but its about Mastery and this is a area I need to immerse myself!

4. Dan Pena- Dan, you either Love him or you run from him. He has bravado, He is Alpha, He is not PC . In the Era of the participation award Mr.Pena is a throwback. I love that. I Love that if you disconnect from the harsh delivery his Focus on the WORK, on putting in the hours. Mr. Pena talks  Dream Team and not associating with time wasters. Respecting the process and not overthinking situations. I hope to attend the castle seminar as a Mentee in 2017!

5. Vince Gironda- From a entirely different angle I am a lifelong devotee of the “Iron Guru” and his teachings revolving around Physical Culture. All of which are as relevant today as they were in producing some of the highest quality physiques ever seen in the Pre “Drug” era of Physical Culture and Sport.

I grow more and more uninspired by the tangible products and more and more inspired by the Passion and Integrity of a true STORY.

But the STORY must be rooted deeply in giving back and doing something of Value to others without a “hook”. For me it always has revolved around my origins in this game. I am  No GURU but I have known quite a few .

I will begin with laying in out, my life, and career

I will welcome the comments and questions

I will welcome you all to join me on the journey

So thank you all for stopping by…please find me on Twitter @Romarenegade on Instagram @S.P.Q.R_fit









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