Prompt #7….my 25

Make a list of 25 ways you could take responsibility (without authority) If you cared more about changing things than credit, authority or blame…

This was a prompt that at first halted me in my tracks. I truly appreciate the great content others put out for this prompt. I viewed my life, career and ambitions when selecting the list that follows.

  1. Develop a “Plan”/ “strategy” to lead a true and professional sales force
  2. Personal Brand “T2 Experiment” – dedicate myself towards Content Content
  3. Mentor a personal social Media Intern
  4. Hold weekly Vimeo team meeting
  5. Launch first interview series on T2 Podcast
  6. Take on (1) marketing STORY free
  7. create core value list and inpliment these into all I lead
  8. Re examine “Hell Yeah or NO ” Derek Sivers and live by this
  10. WRITE daily
  11. LISTEN…speak little
  12. Remember RULE 6
  13. Write Bar article
  14. Train Daily
  15. Meditate Daily
  16. Be SELF AWARE of what makes me tic
  17. Disconnect Daily
  19. Fall asleep Working EVERY NIGHT
  20. Use Empathy in EVERY situation, EVERY ONE
  21. Find  way to @garyvee to ask 1 question
  22. Decide WHAT is my BEST Play…Brand, Media firm, or what..
  23. Learn Context of platforms on social
  24. Read everyday
  25. Check email 1xdaily


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