Leadership Prompt #4

Tell the right story to the right people

Are you telling a story about your goal the resonates with the people who are ready to hear it?

Yes. From a personal brand I believe deeply in the “Story” of meaning more, to being more, to caring, giving, listening and eagerly engaging more to the ones that matter most. The ones that “Get it”, the ones that this was made for. A keep it Simple approach is where my truthful passion runs. This is at times misinterpreted as saying less work- Quite the opposite! Its about being Real when it comes to determining “Who This is for?” and once determined going all IN to be vital to them.

Tell your story four ways, all based upon different worldviews, for different audiences..

This is a challenge so I will take the industry I am in ( Supplement Industry) and break it into 1. The TRIBE 2. Brands themselves seeking services 3. The MASS 4. Strategic retail partners

  1. The #TRIBE. This is the group that we are doing it for. The Outliers. Its about more and its definitely about community. These are the folks that rally around what we are trying to do, the change we are trying to create. They are proud to carry the torch however we must always show the respect through the uncompromising nature of how we nurture our culture.
  2. The Brand. This is important because it establishes the vision. It lays down the story, the narrative to which all decisions will be attached. A brand must reflect upon this regularly. It is the backbone to WHY and then WHO.
  3. The Mass. A tricky one. This area is not a area I prefer to build a strategy towards addressing. They however are everyone not in the Tribe technically. They need to receive the story in a manner that allows them to feel welcomed to join us however we fully understand that this might not be something for you and thats ok. Its a story that shows value, culture, and who we are.
  4. Retail partners ( The Trade). This story is more than analytics. Its the Golden Circle, Its impressing upon the “decision maker” the WHY. Its NOT we produce the most highly certified, transparent, fair trade Protein bars..NO…thats Minutia…Thats almost always a loss. What this story looks like is “We deliver a experience, a transparency in everything we do that speaks to consciousness”.






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