Leadership Prompt #3

What does it mean to do the Right thing?
It means that our company is realistic in our Self awareness of WHY we do what we do and WHO we are doing it for. It reaffirms integrity and should recalibrate our thoughts to Mattering More, Caring More and Meaning what we say.
What does it mean to do the right thing even whens theres a popular shortcut?
To pass on the occasional “shortcut” is a message to the entire team that the work is important. That the goal ( destination) is very important however so is the process and what we will impact as well as learn in getting there.
Consider the journey you and your team are on. Do the ends justify the means? Whats right and where do you draw the line? Does everyone in your culture draw the line in the same place?
The “Goal” or “End” never justifies the means . To have a needed and noble goal/ WHY does not ever validate a unethical or short sighted means to attain it.
Most brands/companies have absolutely no regard or respect for the line of Caring, promoting sincere relationship and support. Most are in the entire game for manipulation, and  attaining a false place of importance.
For me the line should be drawn in the area of absolutely meaning more to a specific Tribe. To dedicate a vision to a specific few rather than the Mass. To do everything with this fact at heart.
What sort of control are you willing to give up to get closer to your goal?
I am willing to relinquish control of the course we travel- the this is how it is done mentality. I am willing to embrace a journey of learning and iteration. Yes, we start on one path (a direction) however we embrace a growth mindset and the fact that we will be learning and changing our path as we go. This allows our team to free itself from fear and resistance that plagues the competition. This allows us to expand our vision. This allows us to be MORE to LESS. Often in my world “Brands” start with a true vision of integrity and understanding the change they wish to create. Often its at the start of “success” that many seem to lose the way. It is much easier at the start to have a clear vision of “End game” but once the fear of failure kicks in or fast success gets into the culture kicks in it is a challenge to regain that integrity mindset. Its best to remind ourselves daily I find. Its also best to always remind ourselves WHO its for daily….and even who its NOT for too.






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