Creating MY “Anomaly “

As November 2016 comes to a end I am taking a few moments to reflect on the journey I have personally been on.

If you know me well you will understand that I do nothing I do in a attempt to feed my ego. I am really good with who I am and what is important to me.

This makes creating Goals both short term and long term difficult at times.

I am at the core a happy person. As much as those who do not know me may think what I am about to type to manufactured bullshit it is NOT , I assure you-

I want to do good for others, I want to work with the small, weird, quirky #Outliers- NOT because they pose vast financial opportunity but rather because they are the ones that do what they do because they care and that #Matters.

I believe that in my over twenty years of Sales and Brand direction I can confidently say that we have advanced so much, Tech has connect our #Tribes so much that the Sales role is all but Extinct. I also believe there are very few Sales professionals left.

In certain industries I am aware that Sales executives are still vital, I can only speak regarding my channel of business. In this world of consumer goods the most effective way to drive success is to :

Have a #Story that is real and do a great job communicating it to the people that matter- your #Tribe

  • remember that all good stories have at the core a “Problem that they are seeking to solve” and that the #Tribe eagerly wants solved….Its your WHY…

Think “perfect ” and then think “Good enough”- Decide what the perfect scenario would look like and how that would ripple to effect all aspects of the business and your lives…but then think about what IF every door was not opened to you, what does that look like? I always strive for “Perfect” but lets be realistic- Good enough is pretty good.

Being realistic is a good thing I believe. I enjoy the fluidity that comes with a nimble and small brand. I love to say that every order has a fingerprint on the bottle…I love placing personal notes in orders..customizing email order responses, answering phones with enthusiasm..I honestly love being #weird and #remarkable…It is my drug!

Respect the platforms- I am immersing myself as I write this into #askgaryvee and taking his course on Udemy. I feel a kindred spirit with Gary in the amount of emotions he has for his passions…For me its Training, Innovative supplementation, and All things Italiano..For me its about lifestyle and experiences….not about Quantity….all about Quality .

So I sit understanding much more than I did a year, a month, a week , even a day ago but not anything near where I hope the journey takes me in the future.

I like the enthusiasm and relentless nature of Gary Vaynerchuk but I love the Generosity and thoughtfulness of Seth Godin and Derek Sivers most.

I value deeply my quest to become more balanced and real through Stoicism.

WHAT do I see as my longterm goal? It amuses me that the deeper I go , the more layers i peel away, the less its about a product and the more it is about something generous.

What IF? What if the goal would be mastery of the platforms, understanding cultures and creating a “PR Firm of Awesomeness”,  that literally only worked with the truthful, remarkable, special fringe stories that only come with the #Outliers?

 did mention the words I hate most?






and all that comes with them…

Here is to trembling with excitement because we are special, unique, small batch, limited production, …Go Make your Ruckus…I assure you Ill be making mine!


CaveShake “Outliers , Weird, LOVE IT:-)”






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