Go Time…

ANY endeavor that actually holds weight “Should” be ultimately rooted in “Giving” something

So I have to say Thank you first of all to my close friends who answered my odd request to list my strengths and my weaknesses ..I mean it. Thank You


Who am I? The Real me…In short

  • I am Reflective
  • I am Enthusiastic
  • I am High Energy
  • I am Polarized at times
  • I am All IN or out
  • I am unable to fake passion
  • I tend to take on too much
  • I have a affinity for Simple things
  • I am not great at details
  • Physical Culture is in my DNA
  • I am passionate about all things Soccer
  • Success to me is not all about money
  • I believe life is about experiences
  • I believe respect starts with self respect
  • I do not believe in political correctness
  • I am a Entrepreneur
  • I believe in outworking everyone
  • My truest desire is to write
  • I believe Starting is the difference between talkers and High Performers
  • My best role is Chief “Story Teller” in a company

This is a start. I want to really build something of Benefit in this written Blog, social media and video blog effort.

I want my failures and hopefully successes to be a point of giving to others. Others who have lived with self doubt, anxiety, uncertainty to see in my evolution a absolute opportunity to achieve much more than I have.

The key is in #Starting often! The more I start the closer I get! Learning all the way.

So as I sit at this cafe sipping my San Pellegrino and striking keys I will list my Goals as I see them Today November 25 2016. I will build them as a bulleted list and in the upcoming posts I shall elaborate on each a plan of action, execution and even obstacles as they arise.

I shall also ask for your comments, feedback and ultimately guidance where you feel generous. No matter what, I promise I appreciate it!


  1. “Uncoated” Functional Foods series- reviews, and total information of the category, where it is, where it has been and ultimately whats next.
  2. T2 2.0 , my personal journey to gain optimal fitness, and vitality – Returning to gain my best condition ever, battle openly obstacles I encounter.
  3. Respond to Every call, text, email and social engagement in a real and generous manner.
  4. OUTWORK EVERYONE OF MY PEERS- I am dedicated NOT to less work but rather MORE PRODUCTIVE WORK. This means less #Reacting and more #creative time each day. Thats the key to strategic #Disconnecting.

I am jumping ALL IN …LETS GO GO GO #Makearuckus!






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