Looks clear over here!

While everyone in todays markets seem to want to be the next big thing in the over congested categories Al Reis & Jack Trout in my opinion reveal the truest answer

The Law of Category

“If you can’t be first in a category set up a new category to be first in”


Consumers get overwhelmed

Brands get competitive for the same consumers

Markets are bigger

Niches are smaller, tighter

The “secret handshakes” are more secret, more involved

You can still deliver value to a Tribe that is ignored

But there is only so much Better , newer, more special, limited production that a overwhelmed consumer can take


Just Maybe

IF you want to Matter More the answer is in the truth

does this market really need a better version of the hundreds in the space


Is there a space, a lane, a niche not yet unlocked

Not far away but far enough away to really Matter

something they will Have to Have!

The next BIG thing

Why not DO THAT



we need CREATING after all don’t we?

Isn’t that what MAKING A RUCKUS is all about

oh and “This might not work”

but it also MIGHT work….A LOT!

DO IT! handshake






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