The Best anyone can truly do is Commit to a Goal

that starts with first identifying the Goal

Long Term

Short Term

and then working together with those who can “Make it happen”

it also some with the sometimes scary realization that “This might not work” Seth Godin,

we must do it anyway, WHY, because it Matters

Goals ….crucial maps….

In Personal Life- with Family, Friends our Spouses in the “Best of” situations

in the turbulent situations we usually can dig and easily find “no goals or common goal”

In Professional Life- Starting with a Learning #Mindset a #GrowthMindset we constantly operate “together” towards a common goals (s). we make mistakes and we learn and grow.

Sure there are always the ill intentioned and the self serving ( which at times we all are), but that can’t hold you back from doing your best work, from walking the tightrope without the net, from taking off the training wheels to ride free!

We need goals

We need to find the “People like us that do things like this”, our TRIBE

We need to admit and accept its not always a FIT…

and thats OK, we should not jam that Square peg into the round hole because:

The compensation seems amazing

The situation seems safe

No ,


Its ok to hit PASS


when  we align we CANNOT play it safe…..

For me :

I am a “work in progress” hopefully more:




about what matters than yesterday but hopefully never as much as my tomorrow

Thats all I can ask

Thats all we can ask


Fear NOT,

Go do what Matters








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