First I would like to quote Pablo Picasso

“Art is Theft”

I will leave that there and below I will paste and comment on what I found absolutely profound work from my favorite human @Thisissethsblog Seth Godin

It truly embodies several components of what makes a true Ruckus Maker!

as a #altMBA alumni I absolutely love his #work #art

Seths Blog “What do you see?”


What do you see?
Fill in the missing number:

π, 1, __, 3, 11, 15, 13, 17

Some people, when confronted with an artificial problem like this, simply throw up their hands. It’s a trick, it’s a waste of time, there’s really no value in it.

Some people look for the quick insight, the fact that there’s an irrational number, that the string doesn’t go on forever, etc. But they usually get stuck.

Some people are only interested in the answer, and are eager to argue that it should be zero, not four, while others would point out that zero isn’t necessarily a natural number, and on and on, merely as a way from hiding from the entire point of the lesson.

The real lesson happens once we realize the metaphor that’s available to each of us: Things don’t need to be artificial to be puzzles. In fact, if you’re willing to be disappointed in your search for the right answer, just about every situation is a puzzle, a place where an insight might be found.

and as always “This might NOT work”. This way of thinking embraces tension and uncertainty. It pushes back at the always present Lizard Brain aka Resistance. It really draws one to ponder what remarkable and special work/art is? If its a formula that delivers a result then you are replaceable which draws back to embracing RISK and being ok with that because through the fire we forge our SELF as the LINCHPIN.

Artificial puzzles like this one generally guarantee a right answer exists. The challenge of the natural puzzle is that you eagerly accept that maybe, there’s no good solution.

“It might NOT work” so understand and be objective in knowing when to Stick and when to quit- i.e. The DIP. The DIP really is to me the removal of Fear, emotion, passion when viewing a situation we are immersed in. Not easy. I often have to set it down and step back..then step back a bit more…does the situation have a “light at the end of the tunnel?”. Its not asking if its very tough grinding work but a realistic- Can this pay off? and a honest, “Does this work matter?” thats really what we need to ask. I absolutely find so much wisdom that drives my thoughts in what Seth GIVES daily. I hope you all take a chance to really give him a look. I can say nothing is easy. That could be viewed as a bad thing but its all about how you learn to FRAME life. Nothing is easy means we have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to do work that MATTERS- NOT to everyone but to SOMEONE…

Lastly, you never know what good your words and actions can hold. You often never will. Thats more reason to do whats right because its right and know that you’ve done your part in the thing called life. Seth does that for me. Thank You my friend! I mean that with all my heart. 

If you don’t like the puzzle you’ve got, pick a different one. We’re never going to run out of puzzles.

Our human interactions, the scarcity around us, the opportunities we all have—they’re puzzles. They are invitations to find a new way to do something, a beneficial shortcut, a connection in an economy based on connections.

But first, you have to see.

[PS time to start planning for Thanksgiving.]






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