Passion and Emotion

“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself!”


In these days following the presidential election I find myself saddened

NOT by result no matter who would have proven the victor

Saddened by the display of Hate, Anger and lack of Empathy

It is a blame all should shoulder

What Stoicism has started to teach me is the that




at high levels incubate and proliferate actions that are regrettable

or should be

I try my best to use my honest desire to understand through Empathy

and I do

and that does not mean to agree

but understand and ultimately respect

In the end I think we all are much better served with a “buffer”

a “Draft” mechanism

I stop myself from Impulsive reactions – I try to control my actions not serve my reactions

Just a thought but perhaps thats a billion dollar iteration I should pitch Facebook and Twitter?

just some thoughts

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