stop look listen

We all get carried away

believe our own hype

It feels great to be told how smart we are

To be told our Brand has arrived

but what if we find me have lost why we even started?

well I believe that doesn’t have to be a sign of doom

IF we take heed

that means stopping and asking our self, our team a couple of reflective questions:

1.WHO is this for? Hear me out, this is about a reality check. Its about us coming to grips with the fact that the truly special are also truly not for all. Im sorry but a “one size fits all isn’t worth driving a extra half hour is it?”

2. WHY am I doing this? To exhaustion I post references to Simon Sineks “Start with WHY” because it Matters. Honestly, the way I like to word the question to others is “WHY does your brand exist and WHY should I waste my time caring?”

3. What is the Goal of the work? You will never get anywhere worthwhile without a map. The other problem is we talk ourselves often times out of what “Perfect” looks like…

so What does Perfect look like?

and ok,

What does “good enough” look like?

4. Knowing at the start what I KNOW NOW, What would I do to make the future better? This means NOT getting caught up in “Sunk Costs”, whats spent is spent, learn and iterate- EVOLVE






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