Your Candidate?, Your Team?

as we enter the last couple days of this absolutely exhausting presidential campaign I have learned

  1. Most people have decided long ago who they are voting for.
  2. The aim is to “Inspire” your voters to actually VOTE
  3. The marketing campaigns should all be outlawed for lies
  4. The funds for campaigns could reverse the national debt or more importantly help many in need
  5. The aim is always to divide
  6. new is not news its a advertising platform that should be treated that way
  7. Technology is being heavily misused at our expense

What a somber list isn’t it?

any Sunshine? Yes- That we always can Change

Who is better at embracing and working together than US ourselves?

The People of this country and world in general I believe are innately “Good”

Yes I believe there are many that cannot and will not be part of the common good

But thats where my Faith comes in

It always starts with the Man (woman) in that mirror

Change no matter who can start with us

our home

our families

our neighborhoods

our towns



so demand more

who ever wins they are leading US ALL

this isn’t your Team winning

Thats what we must begin to realize

It effects us all







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