The thing about a “Story”

I am a very avid believer in the #BeRemarkable #MatterMore #Mindset however  after my first #altMBA #Collision with the Philadelphia group I was spiraled into a solid day and night of introspection.

the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes

So the “thing” IS- how do we determine what is truly remarkable and worthy?

I use my world as a example, particularly the “Nutraceutical” marketplace

If we truly search out remarkable what does that look like?

Is the Story that matters a small company created to put good products that ultimately help promote increased health and vitality the remarkable on?

or should it be about more?

should it ultimately be about results?

Is the real Story a paradigm shift if what the consumer expectation and experience “Should be”?

with this election closing in on its end its more obvious to me than ever that what we truly never get is “results that matter”

we get “SPIN”

from the laundry detergent company advertising a new spout ( which has nothing to do with results btw)

To any item category known to man…all position stories and there is more

yes more..see that small batch, niche chocolate companies story used to be remarkable and matter

those are fewer since the Ad men caught on to this trend – I call it the Craft Beer Phenomenon

See these little upstarts used to be bastions of purity at al costs

now many are started to sell , nothing wrong with that from a business strategy standpoint ( actually quite brilliant) but it takes effect from day one on how every aspect is approach weather the founders realize this or matters A LOT!

hear me out- IF you are fixing room by room in your home with intentions of never moving and passing it down you’ll always go a bit deeper , spend a bit more won’t you?

Thats at least how I see it and you may not agree, which I totally respect

back to Nutraceuticals, yes there are many approaches, many pivots on dosing etc etc however one common theme

-creating consumers that adhere to a brand and a regular protocol (i.e. a very Pharma approach)

they all have a end target of creating a “USER” – YOU

Remember one of the best quotes ever and it actually was from Seinfeld

“Jerry, just remember. It’s not a lie… if you believe it…”

George Costanza

So what am I attempting to express?

Ask more, Dig Deeper, really embrace brands who identify with their  WHY, their STORY

whats never said that Ill say is


and as for the Nutraceutical world, landscape

what is remarkable to me?

To me its about finding that Human “Restore Factory Default Settings” button

because we are born without need of much

especially not 50 pills/a day

just a thought!FactoryD.jpg


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