Factory Settings

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”
― Marcus Aurelius

What is the change we seek to create

No matter what the endeavor we must identify this first

Once we identify that Change we must ask ourself ;

  1. Is our desired change Needed?
  2. Is our desired change Wanted?



As I ponder these very questions I reflect upon the the state of affairs in both Natural “supplementation” and Pharmacuetical “prescription” approaches to health.

I see a approach thats broken



or Self Administer

All with the intention of creating lifelong “customers”

But thats really the best in the world approach?


is it about a Virtuous approach

is it about finding the Human Default to “Factory Settings” switch?

Isn’t that what we really need?

Not more stuff to pile on

Not more Things to forget



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