Getting closer


Getting closer

Closer to doing the work that matters

matters because its needed

matters because it is a dagger thrust into the lizard- the Resistance

I feel his breathe on my shoulders as I awaken

I know its going to be a Fight

I know I am going to stress, want to buckle, escape

but thats when its the time to test how badly I WANT IT

success and freedom and knowledge that my work matters

That I am a PRO

Thats when it matters and thats the kind of work we need

Today I woke with the lizard bearing down on me

It was horrible

and when it rains it pours

Then something happened, Isaw my called ID light up…a great friend from the ranks of #altMBA

I picked it up and what transpired was a great wake up and soon I was trekking back on pace…here I am crushing keys at 11pm

Time to do some reading and prepare for a Strong start tomorrow

Everyday is a battle

and we need to remember that

Seneca “On Practicing what you preach”


Buona Sera Amici


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