Trimming vs cutting

Today is a typical Monday

I start with a prep session Sunday after the family calls it a night

My Boy Max and I burn some midnight oil

Planning the weeks targets and trying to keep it simple

but guess what?

I ALWAYS bite of more than I can chew

I ALWAYS add a bit too much

always with the best intentions

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci

Then as I glare out at the gents cutting back our trees that surround our home it hits me!

That is IT

In order for that Maple to take a great form, and vitality it must be cut back

No Trimmed- thats a temporary cosmetic fix

Cut Back, as in a bit extreme

Then the proper shape and integrity can we developed

Are we not the same as the tree in the sense that maybe my trimming busy work from my day is not creating a ultimate structure I desire.

Maybe the cuts need to be more rigid

Maybe the harshness makes them matter more

so I will lay out the structure in place for me

It will not be easy

the resistance will make me anxious

It will make me want to bend

thats where we must be firm, I must be FIRM

Since it begins with me thats where I shall start








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