be For or be Against , but stand for something

I must begin with a biblical passage that in my opinion sets the stage for all of life’s decisions….

Matthew 12:30

King James Bible
“He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad”

Indifference is NOT a option its a OPT OUT.

A Excuse

Its a let down to all that care

@thisissethsblog struck a nerve

Please Read Ketchup and the third party problem

sooner or later we must all accept the facts that

everyone has a bias

the only way we all work together effectively is by all vesting in rational discussions to advance the whole

This election process is a powder keg for sure

but WHY

Can anyone truly state America is in a “Good Situation”?

we all agree I believe that we need CHANGE


and so when people opt out

people do not pick themselves

people say they do not like the options

ITS A cop out
phrasal verb of cop
avoid doing something that one ought to do.
“he copped out at the last moment”

rarely in our personal lives is a choice 100% what we desire, but we find a way to see to it that we progress towards our objective…why then are we so adverse to commitment in these decisions that effect the whole of us all?

I believe that our “3rd party problem” is partly a “monday morning quarterback ” problem put another way

we love as a society to cast blame and say “well I told you so”

but thats NOT what we need

What we NEED is all of our best

What we need is CHANGE

what we need in my opinion is a CHANGE #Catalyst and thats why I am supporting @RealDonaldTrump

He is flawed

He is abbrasive

But I do believe he cares

and no matter what he will bring #REALCHANGE thats for certain



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