Know the secret handshake






All of these hashtags are catchy-YES

But as @thisissethsblog #SethGodin plainly states, Tell your #Story – a #TrueStory vs a #Manipulation aka ( a lie)

#TrueStory is told because it needs to be told.

Not for everyone

For someone, a specific, maybe YOU? Maybe ME? a story that that special someone embraces because it #Matters

a #TrueStory can still have a driving force of creating wealth, revenues however for integrity sake ( NOT as a selling feature), It must have some component of #generosity

It must have a internal worldview that expresses #Empathy- yes

#Empathy does NOT mean to change to stretch the #Story to be everything to everyone

because Thats NOT special

as ZIG Ziglar famously said “Be a meaningful specific and not a wandering generality”

call it whatever you wish, I am all about being a #Meaningfulspecific #Fringe #Purplecow

and then there is the other side, sometimes hard to decipher

The #manipulator

sometimes these companies or individuals  with HIDE and use a properly funded marketing #Manipulation to appeal to a specific #Tribe

sometimes it is dynamic


Often times not truly #Caring means you aren’t one of the #Tribe and remember the secret  club saying “People like US do things like THIS” but they don’t know that ( or the secret handshake)

so they are eventually ( and rightfully ) Exposed…Shameful

see our #Tribes do not mind you being #Pro

we don’t mind you being in it for the money

as long as you are not manipulating us with a buffet of lies

thats where they get it all wrong

thats where the con is up!

For you with your head spinning right now wondering, What do I do when it comes to seeking a great opportunity, a great company to put your skills to the test, how do you not find yourself manipulated?

Best answer I can give is interview your potential new suitor

ask them “WHY”, WHY do you exist as a company? Why should someone care? What is your STORY?

and after asking these questions hopefully your answer will be clear



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