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The Resistance- “Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.” Steven Pressfield

“The resistance is the little voice in your
head that keeps your head down and encourages you to follow instructions. The resistance lives in fear, and doesn’t hesitate to shut us down at the rst sign of possible derision or the rst hint of conceivable ostracization. The resistance is the voice that was complicit in the brainwashing, because the resistance is easy to arouse. When your teacher threatens you with (insert social punishment here) if you don’t do your work in school, you do the work. The resistance wins.” Seth Godin

But what is Definite?

-24 hours in any given day

can’t buy any add-ons


Where I see value is in making a short list each day

and executing. Post It Notes


Identify better the #BUSY work that Kills creativity and when you feel it coming on – step away and reboot

In the end make it about Net production and not volume of busy

Kill the meeting

Stop Spamming customers – pick up a phone and get answers- move on!

stop checking emails 300x a day

start to be confident in YOUR ABILITY

Dedicate yourself and understand that 99% of what we do is not a genetic gift , rather its a learned skill.

Honest Abe  Lincoln was a very wise leader and in his words

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and i will spend the first four sharpening my axe”

Sharpening your axe required us to Think, Create, Vision, and Plan and then, only then #Execute

Now turn off the Cell Phone and go sharper your blade!






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