Choose your Bias

Emotion is overrated

Emotional decisions are often times very much biased

Over a year ago I began my journey to become more empowered through reading and questioning and all that I assumed.

I quickly embraced #Stoicism

I question daily all of my beliefs, always flipping things and attempting to view all situations objectively and removed from emotions and passion

I try to honestly “Learn one thing everyday”, its written on a post it on my desk.

It doesn’t work out that way on many days, simply because often time tasks and busy items remove the opportunity to learn.

with the presidential election coming up and the absolutely mayhem we the people are experiencing it is definitely a test.

after all we are all Irrational, accept it

the best I can do is attempt to learn and grow and add a bit of a rational process to every conversation and every situation.

The tough part is that many of those I have read seem to unfortunately be very biased themselves

I am not judging, we are all irrational however WHY be so matter of fact when isn’t this about #Empathy?

I see it with the wake of negativity towards Trump

meanwhile these same people write books based on philosophy and personal growth

to me its simply a situation that showcases that even these very intellectual #Pros have biased opinions

I venture to guess that for me the best I can strive for is to follow a couple rules:

  1. Always have the courage to stand for something and not take a passive approach to be politically correct simply because thats what we are told to do.
  2. Always be empathetic towards opposing points of view, no matter if in Sports, politics, Philosophy , culture or religion.
  3. To question with sincerity myself, my values first. When others seem diametrically opposed to my logic, do not grow defensive, grow inquisitive instead. Be confident in my right to my irrationality and accept that maybe in some cases agreeing to disagree isn’t a bad thing.
  4. To be secure enough to change my worldview, to understand it is ok and even though we crucify a politician for “Flip flopping” isn’t that- if in honesty what personal growth is? We truly only learn though making mistakes and occasional failures.

So I will personally try this election to see past differences in opinion

I will harbor no ill will

and hopefully others will drop judgements and embrace different opinions







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