A look back …..at me


Being mindful

Not allowing ourselves to frame our life situations from a #FIXED mindset 

All are integral in growth

But we should never totally cast aside or forget where we started

For me stubbing upon one of my poems this morning reminds me of my Love of writing and actually writing poetically 

It’s not that special but it’s very special to me

And after 21 years it’s naked and standing in front of you for your criticism too

It’s ok now- it’s all The Process of going #PRO

The Circle

By Thomas Salvatore Mastrocola
It’s a funny thing Love is.. 

We can fight it, 

We can desperately try not to feel it;

Sometimes we ignore it; 

While at other times we may even run from it; 

What fools we are… 

I simply surrender to it.. 

Its bliss is divine and lightens our hearts, 

Just a pity how perverse it often is…

turning a feeling so great into a pain so sharp; 

Slicing, relentless, seemingly endless.. 


We are in love again; 

and so the circle goes.






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