the case for LESS

as we embark on the path of #simplicity we are surely shaken often by the #resistance

How many days escape productivity and spiral into a maze of


-Email Chains

-Phone calls 

and my favorite LISTS

I can assure you that its all of us


is not a path to laziness

It IS a path to #Productivity and #Results

and in this pursuit will be a balanced life which provides #Freedom

There are many ways to go about better structuring your work

ultimately its about USING Tech and NOT being CHAINED to it

I highly recommend the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss for truly illuminating #Freedom

A start would be to consciously set ourselves into a #Productivity #Mindset and avoid a #Reaction #Mindset

  1. Set a Auto response on emails as Tim Ferris mentions and stick to checking email 1-2x day and responding once per day. STOP refreshing the emails. Its a Dopamine FIX, instant gratification high.
  2. Select (2) Executable tasks per day and complete them- look back in 1 month and see what you have achieved with this basic tool.
  3. Employ Seth Godin- “Get serious about your meeting problems”

Try these basic (3) tools.

Also try to #Disconnect MORE, be #Unavailable MORE, #Read MORE

Its where your #Creativity, your #Art is hiding









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