crossing lines

You probably thought this was a politically charged post based on the vague title


It is actually a brainstorm event I have been having since last evening when digging in and attempting to develop my own strategic plan as related towards

-Overal Health and Vitality

– Body composition

– Fitness levels

As a 45 year old life long Physical Culture advocate it is paramount to me that I embody all that I preach  (kind of a “Practice what you Preach” moment here).

Also playing into this is the difficulty of being “Eyes wide open” and understanding that I am never “Fixed” in my quest for knowledge- Its a lifelong Quest and one I embrace.

This means what I journaled in my competetive preparations in 1998 differ drastically from my preparations in 2010 and even more so to the planning today. Its openness to being wrong that ultimately allows the doors to remain “unlocked” for my lifetime of learning ( evolution of me).

Being Wrong is not a bad thing

Iteration is the key to not only learning and advancement but in historic perspective – Survival

The problem is “We Cannot be wrong”, “we will look dumb, not worthy”

and for this reason we get stuck in the mud

#KETO may very well be the new frontier in Therapeutics

The applications in real world clinical science is inspiring


Its NOT your dad/moms KETO

Its NOT what marketing and MLM scammers are peddling with pee sticks

Its NOT a diet in a bottle (or shaker)

Ultimately as my most remembered teacher told us Algebra students many years ago “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”

So I continue my work on (me 3.0) and await some amazing advancements coming all of our way soon!

I will have a real eye opening Episode 1 of my T2 Experiment recording soon that will hopefully begin to set the stage for the advancement of Science and decline of the hype.


Until then







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