Express or local

Which do you choose?

Local- making all the stops along the way to your destination, meeting new people, seeing sights, experiencing the smells both good and not so good.

Express- making the direct nonstop journey. No extra experiences, just a fast pace race to the result.

but what if the result is not there once you arrive?

What then?

What if all your hopes are on one expectation

What did you miss out on?

in hindsight

we all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare

I used to frame situations in a “Express” manner

All or nothing

doing this I now feel significantly hampers true personal growth

sure the shark that arrives via Express may make the sale, get the girl etc etc

however as Seth Godin says “This might not work”

IF that happens “NOW WHAT?”

The best we can do is be prepared, be open and empathetic towards opposing points of view, be engaged ( which means less BUSY) and then (drumroll…) Respect the process and understand no matter what the objective “This might not work” and accept that its

A. Not our divine knowledge if it succedes

B. Not our fault if it fails

we must start to really and truly remove emotion especially in the professional part of our life

Its NOT about YOU!

at a point you must realize this,

It is not a easy task and takes daily practice

Heres to making life’s stops

seeing the faces

smelling the smells

experiences both uplifting as well as crappy, stinky and dingy

scuffed, bruised and so ripe with life…

be inspired 🙂






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