Often looking inward helps how we want to project outward

currently reading Start something that Matters by Blake Mycoskie

Very Inspiring and honest

I thought todays blog would be a on the screen reflection

I will answer the three questions (page 36) here rather than simply reflect or write in my little notebook

  1. If you did not have to worry about money what would you do with your time?

The reality is , for me , I am at heart not extroverted. Many who know me will disagree, however It is more complicated. I honestly care about people, interaction, deep bonds and simply for me find that emotional attachment comes at a cost. Anyone who really knows me has heard me state “I am good for 3-4 good conversations a day” its a loose way of getting at the fact I am so absolutely connected to my interactions( even on a computer keyboard) that I need recovery after. I large training or passion driven pitch? Forget about it, I am sweaty, and wiped out after. Not in a bad way at all. Its that I care so much I put everything out. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It directly correlates to what I feel deeply about within ” Be MORE , CARE MORE”

For me , no money involved would allow me more effectively to ignore “money offers” in career and focus on projects that matter. To focus on projects attached to giving something  not just taking.

I would restrict my “conversations” to only those that #Matter

I would spend my hours creating, writing and experiencing life with my family, especially my Princesses , My baby Carmella and my wife Dana.

I would do more that I want to do, Hunt, Fish, learn more  about cultures, I would travel often, I would immerse myself in my passions and expanding my learning…just some thoughts


2. What kind of work would you want to do?

I always wanted to write. since a young man. My passions run deeply in many directions. My imagination does as well.

I love a STORY

I have learned at this stage of my growth that the STORY is what makes something #Matter and #Remarkable #Purplecow

Products and services can only go so far

a story Transcends.

My job ideally is Chief STORY TELLER

3. What cause would you serve?

The cause would be ” Paying it forward” , Concious Capitalism at its best.

Doing things because someone will benefit

doing it with a giving component built into the DNA

so thats WHY the T2 Experiment

Its NOT a ploy for attention

I really do not want it

I want to give something

I want to hold a higher line

create a environment where the thing is done because it is the right thing

where a great and needed IDEA can become MORE

so heres to MORE







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