You vs Universe ; round 1000


rational thoughts



what do these all have in common?

they tend to exit when the lizard starts his chaos in our lives

what to do?

I can only speak for me but it seems the best scenario is NOT to cave, NOT to buckle, NOT to overwork or #GRIND as they say

Its to as @thisissethsblog proclaims “Run toward the hard part” Run at the #Resistance

run with the sword extended

Slay it

Explode right through it

as a old coach used to say quite eloquently “If you are gonna Fuck up, Fuck up FULL SPEED”

so here is to Thrashing, Punching, Clawing, Deadlocking and Choke Holding that Lizard

we often have no idea how close we are to #Paydirt

to the #Goodstuff

As promised my podcast will ship 10/2/2016

I will summarize on this blog as its home

Its important to #SHIP

we can iterate later

the kool thing is the only thing I will be leveraging is #Giving from my guests

Giving with anyone but the recipient getting

Much more to come however Ill leave with a question I hope someone will answer

What do you feel we need less of? (loaded huh, good)







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