Don’t stop believing


Believe in  YOU

easy to say

easy to read

easy to “think” you have it figured out

2016 and lifes a pressure cooker

its easy to “believe” when there is not anything on the line

not easy when you have many you love depending on you

the answer may not be absolute

the answer may not be 100%

maybe its not “Hell yes or no” as Derek Sivers says

maybe its “Survive to THRIVE”

maybe its to see the situation for what it is

decide on a reasonable devotion of your time

and then Relentless, and Unstoppable laser focus on opportunity

IF we allow the resistance to defeat us we lose

and since our Art isn’t then expressed generously towards others

others lose too

we cannot allow stress and resistance to crush Hope and Dreams

we must remain dedicated

for me this is personal

I want to do something that matters

something generous

the T2 Experiment is as silly as it sounds my gift

maybe it succeeds

maybe it fails

it must SHIP

more to come tonight, more to do,

in a world of hate I honestly want to give

I hope I get the chance







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