Very Busy vs Very Productive

Its 11:28 pm eastern

typing and fading quickly

I pose the title and ask

Are you very BUSY


Are you very PRODUCTIVE?

There IS a difference

Its part of the #Resistance, you know the #lizardbrain

with endless connection options WHY do we addict ourself to being “on call” 24/7

waiting for likes

waiting for email responses

numbing our brain matter staring at the news feeds


IF we do not take measures to safeguard we will become Very Busy with no glimmer of light at the end of our tunnel


Tech today, the social platforms, they all feed into what should be facilitating dramatic effectiveness- but it NOT

I posted  recently about “post It” notes

It applies here

Be a #PRO

Set #Goals

coordinate your goals and most important


do the easiest thing first- Start- then iterate

Use Post It notes and a wide tip sharpie to write (2) executatble tasks per day.

Check emil 2x day and STOP refreshing- Its a addiction


decide the days (2) objectives and proudly write them down it big bold letters

No go get it! #Winner!

See where we are after 1 month of (2) Post It notes a day









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