Addition by subtraction

Times are tough

business is Not easy but thats a good thing for a #PRO

it seperates the unambitious from the immersed

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” Marcus Aurelius

I do believe that looking inward to project more effectively outward is in fact how leaders lead

“Subtracting” in a business from Status Quo or changing directions is risky but more times than not doing nothing at all is the greatest of risks

so the issue is not in the subtraction

the issue is in the failure to strategize anything beyond this point

Yes, the mere subtracting of any expenditure will create a short term gain that sometimes can feel relieving but without a strategy for growth the eventual “Vacuum” can be catostrophic

Lets use the benchmark for reference as the Iraq exodus by US armed forces

Can anyone deny the “vacuum” created?

Can anyone deny the lack of positive influence after our humanitarian efforts associated pulled out?

Can anyone deny the expansion and proliferation of ISIS globally?

No matter our political beliefs a fact is a fact

The nature of how we pulled out facilitated nothing good

well what about the company that adds bottom line by firing a sales team?

immediately showing positive months

but what about the former reps left soured and still in the accounts?

but what about having no plan or replacement?

It starts by looking within

ask WHY within

was the primary focus of any brand optimized- Market Demand?

was a realistic plan for “withdrawal” set and agreed upon prior to moving away from the current situation?

Unfortunately few look within and take ownership

they continue subtracting until eventually there isn’t any more to subtract

they mortgage future opportunity for a “Safe” today

and we all know nothing is safe








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