Run from “safe”, Embrace “Tension”

like thousands of lightbulbs all illuminating at once in my skull

as I sip my morning Kombuchu at the local farmers market

a  breakthrough! Growth! i.e. greater understanding

what am I referring to? Since I can only speak for me


Why do we embrace “bad situations” with no clear PRO but us in the mix?

We tell ourself that its “personal”, that “friendship” is involved, warm and fuzzy. I have yet to find “warm & Fuzzy” also be a scenario with “limitless potential” and even worse they all tend to be unorganized with absolutely no idea of strategic goals whatsoever. When the PRO jumps into a safe situation he is kidding himself immensely. “What gets measured gets accomplished” as poetically spoken by Dan Pena the 50 billion dollar man

The PRO must if inclined to take on the “unorganized” situation of “NON PROs” at minimum set a standard of performance that outlines a simplified and agreed upon “Goal with steps and costs associated to achieving them” The PRO needs to make himself aware that this is a dangerous situation unless clearly framed.

Why do we take on way too much in these situations?

The PRO once elbow deep in this bad situation and understanding that he has no supporting cast takes on undue stress in reaching positive progress. Since no-one sets and collaborates goals, expectations and necessary components to attain these its a map with no end, just circles in the mud. Identifying this immediately and circling back is the PROs only recourse other than walking away. Often the company is so amateur that a victory to these poor performers is the exit of what eventually is realized as the only salvation they actually had…oh well, had your chance…

Why do they always ultimately harm us ?

These situations are like a buffet dinner of lobster tails and prime rib to the “Lizard brain, the resistence”. This is primarily due to the fact it damages the PROs self confidence and faith in the skills he absolutely has. It makes the PRO second guess himself. It makes the PRO “Overwork to look busy” when he knows full and well its the lack of talent, vision, integrity and respect of the process thats at true fault.

Why is “Safe” the Riskiest place of all?

The word “Safe” is deceiving and should be erased from the PROs memory. Nothing – I repeat NOTHING IS SAFE AND GENERALLY WHAT WE DEEM SAFE IS OFTEN THE OPPOSITE!

What are we fearing and why is that fear the “Lizard”?

The PRO torments and beats himself up. Takes the failures to heart as missile strikes to the self confidence he should be wearing as impenetrable armor. It influences him to either cut and run to “Safer” HUGE MISTAKE- HUGE! or to internalize and stressfully carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders. Suffering emotionally, professionally, at home and as it relates to future “High Performance” opportunities.Its self “Suicide” in many ways – so much for safe eh?

How do we smash that “Lizard” and what is the “True narrative we should be telling ourself?


2.Network- “Show me your friends and ill show you your future” Dan pena states bluntly and its TRUE 100%, surround yourself with “High Performers” and you will see how unsafe and actually damaging these clowns are!

3. Seek TENSION, EMBRACE IT, “Success is directly related in the amount of uncomfortable conversations one has had” Tim Ferriss, This is TRUTH! STOP trying to make people happy and tell them what you think will make them happy and instead tell them what they need to hear. Why set yourself up for stress by bearing their lame bullshit- make them OWN IT- YOU ARE A PRO- PERIOD!

as a closing point, In commercial goods- i.e. brand development I often laugh at how we allow a brand to not fully “OWN”that in everything involved with growing a company comes some “PAIN” they must be willing to endure. They all want “Zero to Hero” and they want the PRO to over extend his relationships for them- when we do this we significantly FUCK OURSELF, yes I said that- FUCK THEM, NOT YOU!

The brand must “OWN” that the #1 pinnacle constraint they must attack with PROs employed is MARKET DEMAND…ie sell through, throughput, sales off self- whatever you choose to call it- anything less is unacceptable.

Choose RISK, SMART RISK, Choose “HIGH PERFORMERS” stop doubting yourself or NOONE will follow you.


PUSH BACK and if need be WALK AWAY

you are worth MORE

they are AMATEURS…







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