lacking identity

The most common theme I see front and center amongst brands is not really understanding who their core tribe consists of

sit in silence

Clear your mind

first think of WHY you do what you do? Why your product/art/service exists?


WHY…as Simon Sinek famously coined “Start with WHY”

” People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it”

do you know this pinnacle fact? Does your team?

do you all agree? This is Important, called #Culture ( psst high performance companies have this cohesively)

You WHY should not be to make Money, coin, bank

but don’t lie to yourself if it is the motivator…the WHY…

A WHY should be loaded with generosity and at some point doing something that benefits those in your Tribe…

once your team has this integral piece in place its time to close your eyes and each visualize- Who is our Tribe, our true fan, consumer…the person who will drive 2 hours, wait in line, pre order what we have to offer…thats a early adopter as Geoffrey Moore states in “Crossing the Chasm”…and the loyalty and passion these people provide once they know we are doing what we do for them is #Limitless

This is a 2 part exercise that may sound silly to you

It is not i assure you

so SLOW your roll…embrace someone

be remarkable to them

engage them because you want to and Have something REAL TO SAY


WHY do such high potential brands become “Fame Monsters?”

Go ahead and be everything to everyone

and see what you are left with

hint- No loyalty , no Tribe,

#BEREAL we need more #REAL, we need more #INTEGRITY

we need more #FRINGE






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