the Thrashing continues

“I thrash at the beginning” Seth Godin

Thrashing, iterating early

remaining true to SHIPING when we set our hard date

the T2 Experiment


#resistance #Lizardbrain #Fear

these come in many forms

the key that will allow me to “Turn Pro” as Steven Pressfield says is keeping a “blinders on- staring forward mindset”

With each day I will post a part of the ever evolving SHIP IT Journal…I will do more Thrashing and share this..please if inspired to comment – do so …I need your thoughts

Whats The Project?

(make the project manageable, finite, time-dated and do-able (or failable). Subproject’s are fine.) If you can’t write it down, you don’t have a project.

The T2 Experiment: What started as a podcast/ platform community concept tailored towards my career industry and passion for innovation within the world of performance nutrition, supplementation and training has evolved into a platform geared towards the evolved, affluent modern era gentleman of culture.

the vehicle and plan remains very similar to my starting concept of a information audio podcast attached to twitter, Facebook group and wordpress blog.

the SHIP date is 10/2/2016

typing that date brings feelings of “but can I?” and “thats too difficult” that in itself exposes the lizard and the fact that its truly what I need to do.

Who is responsible for shipping it?

you can list team members, but only one person is responsible. Put a * next to the name

My original plans layered in several “friends”

the * however has always been on ME

“the Buck stops here”

I can layer others into the T2 team however to be clear

This is MY vision

This is MY #Work and I need to #Doit

What are you afraid of?

At the start and before thrashing and thrashing began the fear was revolved around peer perception, looking “not so smart”, looking like a amateur

The fear today- the ONLY fear- NOT SHIPPING

What else (the truth this time)?

for this I only define NOT SHIPPING and will say allowing daily tension and busy work to distract me from the necessary preparations to feel confident in my start

Why are you afraid?

the only truthful reason at this point is far out weighed by the personal regret of not driving my passion into the T2 experiment.

at present I have purchased and downloaded

#Facetime recorder software from @ecamm

#Audacity to edit audio files

#Podcaststudio package  (mixer, microphone, headphones etc)

I have set a RSS feed ( although I am certain practicing will help)

whats NEXT?

Setting up my T2 Facebook group

I will be using this wordpress blog to attach my RSS feed as well as post each podcast notes and links

this upcoming week will be test runs to develop a basic understanding of the hardware and software I will be utilizing

I will also be writing, sending to select prospective interviewees and even posting as a entry here a invitation to connect

I am energized as I type this entry

I know its all about #giving

I intend that to remain my core of T2 experiment

too many give ( with a sharp hook inside the bait)

Not I

Not I









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