does SLACK =#Crack?!

The problem:

How to effectively communicate in a age of seemingly endless connectivity options?

The Options:

With many I will honestly neglect due to my poor tech know how here is for me what I experience daily and a short description.

  • Facebook- social platform for sharing, has evolved into a gossip channel- I have deleted on all my devices in attempt to remove distraction.
  • Instagram- Social platform geared towards “visual”, In my area of industry it is viable however more and more metrics show that clearly “Likes do NOT equal Sales”.
  • Twitter- Social platform that is in essence “Micro Blogging”, I keep this application on my devices and utilize a structured posting schedule. I reply to each engagement and find this to be a good platform for me personally.
  • email- everyone has email in 2016 in business. Thats the problem. In early years it was a “Fast Track” way to connect busy decision maker. In 2016 its a Spam artists palette. As Tom Bilyeu often states ” Email is evil, I do not comply”. I find scheduled checking and responding to work the best. Refreshing email is a serious issue of near addiction.
  • Conference Calls/ Webinars/ meetings in general- I find Seth Godin to nail it completely:

  • SLACK- This one is a tough one. I found it amazingly helpful in #altMBA with working groups i was in. I also found it non-stop and stressful in trying to “keep up” with the common groups. I think SLACK can be a amazing efficiency tool OR a destructive device to eliminate a ability to #Disconnect. Its all about what we each can handle. For me I pop in occasionally however realize if I actively SLACK, I lose creative time, disconnect time, for me its about MORE from LESS.

So why is there NO real answer?

because there is no answer, each of us holds his/her own truths

What do I recommend ?

honestly, that we each only find time to disconnect from the noise in order to realize the internal narrative “trying” to ring out


because in my 45 years its been the most difficult thing to do, to be selfish to be more generous. many won’t get it. many will not care. many will criticize


guess what?

its your “little soul carrying around a corpse” as epictetus would say so choose wisely.

in the end we all are possessionless, naked, and alone

what we do in between birth and death is what lives or dies when we do

I personally plan on burning brightly for my daughter and future generations

that won’t happen with MORE connecting

so ill choose MORE from LESS









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