Death by “Clients Disease”

“All clients have one thing in common:

They’re  in love with their product/company/service.

In the Ad biz this is called Clients Disease.

I’ve seen a thousand clients presented with brilliant campaigns for their products or services and have them ruin these campaigns by loading them up with their own lame bullshit” Steven Pressfield


So to the point

Truly the Professional at this point must quit

enduring the #DIP is not going to help these people

the dilemma is

  1. allow this sabotage and take the money


2. be a PRO

I am very opposed to opinions without any risk

monday morning quaterbacking

instead I prefer

-opportunity with freedom

-setting goals

-judge the results

when will people realize we need to let the PRO do his/her work?

When will the PROs start stepping up?

Here is to #GOINGPRO





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