Ciao! and thank you for taking time and stopping by. It means more than you may realize. Its a connection, a spark, a opportunity to create #Change and isn’t that what its all about?

In the entry I wanted to stamp a bold ETA on (3) projects. I also want to lay out some important professional and personal thoughts and directives I am attempting to employ and maybe you have opinions to share? Thats the real intent of this blog, to spark interaction with my #Tribe and more importantly to find my #Tribe- you?

As I re read the #altMBA #Sethgodin code in #Linchpin yet again, tattered pages, I always find a new insight, thought, gem to embrace.

Doing LESS for the sake of doing…and through this action creating MORE and impacting MORE is key.

These are a bullet list of what I am really attempting to embrace so I can #SHIP my projects ON TIME!

  • Email- Respond and read 1x per day at the start. Be #Creating not #Reacting
  • Post its Notes (2) daily- write (2) Tasks per day and Execute them- “Get er Done”
  • #SPRINT- Stop acting busy #Grinding, Start being #Deliberate and then checking out
  • #SLACK-  Implement SLACK with career to simplify #communication- Still minimize  checking and responding to 2x daily NO MORE!
  • #KILLMEETINGS- Time wasting. Results are the metric. Period! #Zigziglar advocated this himself.
  • #Facebook- Delete App- Brain #Crack….
  • #Instagram- Delete App- WORSE!
  • #TV- KILL IT. Be Present! as @Dsivers says take time just looking into your ( child, spouse, friends eyes and living)
  • #GROWTH- Pick a new trick, skill, Experience a month and guess what #Doit
  • #HATERS- #DOUBTERS, #RESISTENCE- Do NOT let them jade, or discourage me. DO IT because it should be done.

Now with that all being stated. Here below is a short bullet list of my (3) Projects to #SHIP with real DATES…Input anything that interests you! I always embrace it! Criticize it- I always RAN from that! Understand that doing anything that might matter a lot to someone ultimately will provoke nastiness from others. #Becalmandcarryon as Seth says , I’m sorry, this probably wasn’t meant for you…goodbye..


  1. Podcast- Ever evolving –  TnT “the Evolved Male 2.0” Hard Date 10/2/2016! a post detailing this and invitation to join coming this week!
  2. TnT Premium membership – a never attempted before Integrity based Gentlemens “inner Circle” with a tiny cost and incredible value built in- Coming 1/1/2017
  3. Childrens book- “The EGG chronicles” Longgg story! Picture and toy infants book I am creating with my #goddaughter! Prototype by 1/1/2017 and then following the inspiration of a #Ogre coach and creating a video story/ funding on #Kickstarter

His link is super awesome for “Eyes Children’sBook” Michael E. Smith

Eyes Children’s Book






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