Stay Small, Live BIG

Do I have you pondering my title? Its definitely something I cherish. As I gain perspective in the ways I view business models I am involved in and am creating I now thanks to #altMBA and #Sethgodin do not settle on a single path. I start with a worldview, I flip it, twist it, back away and view it though other lenses. All while moving diligently to SHIP. I simply want to make certain that being Malleable is always pinnacle.

As I look at the power of “Right place , Right time”, what I see is a mine field.

Often the integrity is conceived in the “smallness” and “attachment” with undercaptialized , passion driven start ups

Then opportunity KNOCKS!




Take the “special” and “Imperfect” and make it “Homogenous”

After all its addictive, The feeling we are Big


Whats wrong with being SMALL and VITAL?

“There’s an emotional connection when you know the makers, or when there is a story behind the product,” he said. “That connection to story and that connection to place is really powerful. And it’s resonating with consumers.”

In #AltMBA6 I found my WHY as #SimonSinek coined

My WHY is to #GIVE something, anything that empowers others to strive to Evolve and Empower themselves and in effect pass it along to another.

With that very Value at my core why would I scale? I welcome another to take ANYTHING I create and STEP IT UP! Even at my peril from a Monetary perspective.


So embrace the small, Stay focused on fewer customers, On Real connections, On making a difference to ONE at a time

Limit production.

Tell your STORY

Your TRIBE will understand

IF they DONT they probably aren’t your TRIBE after all are they?

If I want Amarone Riserva a Bertani I wait

If I want wine I grab a bottle of cheap commoditized crap

Bertani has a STORY…and I will Pay more and WAIT longer…Because Im in the TRIBE

So tell me WHY ya wanna SCALE again?


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