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Recently in my foundational work to SHIP my pilot podcast and social platform “the GRIND” I made very clear the fact that this platform will be un biased.

That the GRIND would be unlike many sources of information that are well greased ( funded). What I experienced after posting yesterday was why the #altMBA network is so amazing. I was challenged. I was pushed. All with my best interests at heart and all with the integrity and vision of the GRIND at the heart.

Turns out un biased is simply another nook to hide in.

I unknowingly employed a tactic I absolutely hold disdain for in modern society.

I “Politically Correct’d” the position of my vision.WHY? Maybe it simply makes a comfy place to hide. Maybe its easier than being critisized?

But is that creating something worthy? Being un biased turns out is not what is needed.

Integrity is what is needed.

I have made yet another pivot in this rapidly evolving quest-

Opinions will never be “tamed” in a attempt to not offend

and all opinions will be welcomed in open forum style discussions

Monetizing the GRIND will rapidly develop through a review process which metrics will be made public. From these approved brands will develop a Premium membership feature affording a approved brand buyers club and quarterly subscription box as well.

The greatest takeaway from this is that I will be criticized. I must not fear that.

Some will say I am a fraud and that the GRIND is also

but I know differently

and it wasn’t for them. Thank you.

I will receive criticism from others that will help as long as I am open to listening and learning.

The key is to separate those who care from those who hate








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