The GRIND…Coming soon

Ciao Friends!

In the altMBA I dug in deep to expose a concept I have stifled many years. A unbiased and Free source of information, discussion, engagement geared towards “Gentlemen”. Active, affluent gentlemen seeking to experience life in the fast lane. No campaign constructed to manipulate, just truth.

Do not get me wrong, I have many “friends and allies” in the world of physical culture, Natural products and supplements who try. They make a cardinal mistake immediately in having to “live” off of what needs to be free. I am not in any way stating that there is not a way to monetize – there actually is but its not a quick jump. Its also not quicker or advantageous in any way to have large amounts of capital behind this. Simply it is a gift that the world needs, that men in our Tribe need and that in itself changes so much that everyone wins. Everyone begins to win once the ideas, credibility, integrity and passion in this group takes root. Its a shortcut and potential bomb to think we can outsmart a natural and organic progression. This very reason is exactly WHY its not being done, has not been done, and WHY I must do it. Its hard. It could Fail, I might get laughed at if it does. However I am certain its needed. It will make the landscape better for the Good guys. The people with some true interest in “doing it right”. Short term money will HATE me and the GRIND. That is something I am ok with.

We will need to be fluid, engaging ( and that means not automated), and Empathetic- that means YOU tell us what we can do better, where we did great, where we suck- and we LISTEN.

This will be tough. This will not be easy so there is that lizard- Welcome to the party BUDDY! Pull up a chair. I am a altMBA alum now, so can I get you a drink while I SHIP?! BOOM!!


Please tell me what you think…Click and read below..I NEED your thoughts to SHIP…I thank you in advance!
















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