Embracing Tension

“A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” Tim Ferriss

Yet we take the popular direction, the often easy way out.

We take it personally

We allow ourselves to take on much more of the emotional baggage than is fair

We say we “Respect the Process” however we do not act in a manner that reinforces this

We scare too easy

We buckle too often

We give precious integrity

We backdown from potential conflict

We rush to fill the tension, fill the quite space

We look away

We apologize un sincerely because we do not believe what we are saying

Its what we say is in the interests of self preservation

But at what cost?

Why do we allow this? I say “allow” because we must allow this pattern for it to exist

I am not encouraging a stance of a uncompromising nature

I am not suggesting empathy is not pinnacle in our process to best understand others

I am not suggesting that anyone should be  driven by Ego

I am suggesting wholeheartedly that we develop confidence

That we believe in our ability

That we live with integrity

That we embrace mistakes for learning sake

A lifetime of Learning

That we learn to recognize abrasiveness in others and deal breakers in what appear to be opprotunies which actually are NOT

Its starts within YOU and ME

Line in the sand time.

For me the recipe is KISS ( Keep it simple silly)

  • 2 part #Empathy
  • 2 part #Integrity
  • 1 part #preparation/Planning
  • 1 part #caring
  • 1 part #giving
  • 3 parts #learning

Mix them up, Let them Rise,








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