The story we tell ourself

I have been in your shoes

I have embraced the “excuse” narrative

Too expensive

Too much competition

Not enough marketing

And ohhh the micro analyzing the “product” itself as inferior in same way

but what is the real story here?

In every case mentioned there are successful brands which are:

  1. premium priced

2. In congested categories

3. Modestly marketed at best

4. Nothing spectacular

So, again, WHAT is the narrative?

What IF?

  1. The product was perfectly price positioned
  2. In a wide open category of focus
  3. aggressively marketed
  4. Absolutely Innovative

What is the “Excuse” then?

How does This change your narrative?

Does passion trump preparation?

Does everything begin with the true belief in Value you deliver?

What IF you took a narrative of value, generosity, eagerness to contribute value?

What if you delivered value through preparation?

How could this work out?








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