Solution oriented

While at the NJ DMV something dawned on me

Quite abruptly

The Factory is DEAD- the industrial era 

That we should realize and embrace 

But what does that mean to the marketplace?

What does that mean to the aimless job force?

It means that even in a place like DMV there lies opprotunity. 

Opprotunity to be special 

Opprotunity to be important to that person looking into your eyes

Opprotunity to make a ruckus

Opprotunity to be #SolutionOriented

Anyone can blindly stick to the script

Play it SAFE

BUT REMEMBER, Safe doesn’t exist 

Besides everyone is playing it safe

Better to stand out 

Better to put yourself out there to satisfy someone

To help someone

To be important to someone

We are essentially a customer service economy ( we sell stuff others make) and we give such vanilla service

So much so that those willing to do MORE stand out

Be that guy/ gal



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A fashion myself the Anomaly. 20 plus years deeply invested in the pursuit of advanced human performance. 1/2 Strategic Sales and 1/2 Marketing Visionary, 100% Growth Mindset. So whats your Story? It matters!

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