And it’s all marketing

The network new

The thousands of online news sources

Political ad campaigns

All marketing

All corrupt marketing

All playing on our easily manipulated emotions

We are being played

The greatest scam ever

Red or Blue

Creating hatred

Black of white

Gay or straight

Religious tensions

I am not denying the existence of truly evil people and motives in the world 

I am saying that even those occurrences are purposely used to incite and polarize us 

Maybe we should all take a step back and let clearer heads prevail

For me it means 

No social media 

No network news

No speaking out of quick emotional impulse
As Seth Godin lays out beautifully 

The factory/ Industrial Age is gone 

The factory workers are lost


We continue to create factory workers 

Rewarding compliant mediocrity 

Punishing outstanding and remarkable renegades

Maybe the issue is that this was never a long term ideal

It created scared workers 

Scared and abandoned

We need to embrace creativity, arts 

I’m convinced it is a noble cause

The youth. The future, the hope for the world 

Just some thoughts






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