When Less is actually More

We have ALL heard the saying

Quality not Quantity 

We have all used it 

But do we truly “Beleive” in it? 

My guess is most of us are so detached from the pursuit of it because it means Less 

But what if Less really lead to more?

To me More is not a value 

More is a distraction 

I have been at this place I simply call the “Jerry McGuire  moment ” for several years

Taking less clients 

Caring more for the ones you choose

Seeking opprotunities not jobs

In my personal pursuits I always try to follow (KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid- every time I feel I’m there I narrow a bit more. 

A life “Lived” is about minimums to the Maximim. 

Each day 24 hours then we – (minus) from there and no matter how much you can afford you cannot add credits to that 24. 

So for me , and my life as a person who lives professionally and personally with passion these are my applications to ME

It is a daily dance and impulses and passion can be more harm than beneficial. 

Wish me luck

Lets make lives of Quality not just stuff 







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