The Obstacle “can be” the  WAY

A summer Friday 

Enjoying a coffee

Closing out the week

Bam! A call- A code RED! 

A product Recall

Press release out

Here come the calls

Calls from reps 

Calls from internal staff

Calls from key accounts

Calls from independent accounts

What was a peaceful early morning is now in crisis mode, oh this is bad….

But is it? Or is it a opprotunity if we step back and clear the chatter?

First and foremost, any product recall is not “good” and is costly to endure. 

The one in question was entirely discovered by my team of extremely ethical folks that discovered a very minor label inconsistency ( just must lay that out there). 

Phones lighting up 

Keys account calls 

Inside support on with all stores


“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Emporer Marcus Aurileus famously journaled

With new products , marketing, advertising coming in less than 30 days

The tragic recall 

Opens dialogue prior with all accounts in a proactive manner

Drives communication with outside broker team

Drives communication with inside sales team

Opens key account dialogue with our executive team



What is to say our handling of this matter doesn’t serve as a facilitator to improved communication 

A better launch 

better relationships
The Obstacle “can be” the WAY if we choose so


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